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Peer Reviewed

Every presentation is peer reviewed to Assure Quality and up-to-date information

Editorial Board

Strong Editorial board that will contribute to quality of each PPT


Each PPT is citable & searchable through academic databases

Best Quality & Content

PPT's are readily available online but many of them are not recent or with medicore content. At we will assure that best quality of material is published and circulated

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About Us is founded with the aim of providing a platform for peer reviewed quality powerpoints.

We believe PPT's are one of the most powerful tools to distribute knowledge and a single portal will provide a more specific and more organised search

The concept was developed by Orthopaedic Research Group and is supported by ResearchOne Initiatives

The entire portal is based on concept of academic philanthrophy and contributions from every author will be duely credited and acknowledged

  • Crafted with love

    The interface is lovely with optimised features

  • Scientifc by nature

    Rigorous peer review will ensure best quality scientific content

  • Fast Review & Publication

    All review to be completed in a week and publication within a month

  • Global Outreach

    Global outreach through network of more than 40 countries and thousands of surgeons

Academic Philanthrophy

Contribute to and help the orthopaedic community gain from your understanding of concepts. Academic Philanthropy is highest kind of academic contribution that you can make to subject of Orthopaedics

It will also help you be known as a powerful and accredited presenter and academician

Our global network will ensure wide distribution of your presentation with active discussions and comments from our members